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Colors are layered upon each other, according to my own logic and than become open to any interpretation.

It's almost like I can enter into the painting and feel as I'm part of it.

My inspiration comes from everything I see, feel and experience.



I’m specialized in hand painted wall murals for Schools, Private home, kids room and for Commercial and Industrial space all over the GTA Area and Canada. 

The programs will connect the artist with students from local schools. Project based learning and integrative life and art skills focusing on four different experiences:

In-school Murals

or Multimedia Art

in-school Video

After school clubs


Weekends courses.

The atmosphere of a restaurant, hotel, or retail establishment is an important element and can be key to its success. 


Available now custom painting for Commercial space, Scenic backgrounds, Backdrops, Sky murals, beautiful scenery pictures and Office wall or Floor murals.




Imagine a world with no visual or performing arts, no music or film.

VISIONART creates opportunities for students, in different levels and grades, to bring and make space for the Arts in your school.


The programs will connect the artist with students from local schools. Project based learning and integrative life and art skills focusing on four different experiences: in-school Murals/Multimedia Art, in-school Video, After school clubs, and Weekends courses.

Painting a Mural inside or outside schools

About the Program - This program will require a total of 8 sessions

The program is held and conducted by Nico Monteleone - Multimedia and Muralist Artist and VISIONART.

During the first couple session students will learn the History of Murals and the Basic Color Theory including lines, composition, lettering. The next session students will learn about Drawing and Sketching and they will start the brainstorming to Design the main idea of the Mural. In the remaining sessions, students will start drawing and painting the Mural. 


Program's Goals

The goal of this program is to offer young students, interested in art, an introduction to the process used in the creation of a murals. The instructor seeks to offer students a positive outlet for their creative energy while developing specific art skills, community awareness and group social skills. Students learn to brainstorm in a group to help develop concepts for murals. Students develop their ideas in sketches and drawings including homework assignments, slide presentations and specific in-class exercises. Students then will produce the final mural project on the wall, under the instructor supervision, using paint and brush. 


Length of the course: 8 sessions

Hours for each lesson: 2

Paint used: acrylic water base paint


All material are provided by the instructor


If you are interesting in this Program you may request a meeting with the Artist to discuss the schedule and the price at


On-line Registration or e-mail registration form available on request to only after a free consultation.




I started my Company about 20 years ago to create and design Murals and Paintings on different surfaces, Abstract Photograph, to produce documentaries and short films  and to design, construct and set up sets for theater. 


As part of an artistic dream team, I travelled along the East Coast Provinces and back to Toronto skillfully painting vibrant murals for Loblaws stores, one more unique than the other. During the time when Mayor Mel Lastman turned Toronto into a “moose-eum” as the winner of a design competition, I was given the honor of creating four Moose: One “Beer Moose” that stood on guard at LCBO’s Harbourfront head office, and the other three around the city, “Wine Moose” “Spirit Moose” and the “Canadian Whiskey” (at Yonge and Wellesley).

About my style 

In my paintings or photographs, I like to express my feelings rather than simply illustrate them. "Movement" is at the base of my research. Colors are layered upon each other, according to my own logic and than become open to any interpretation. Those who view them have varied comments based on what they note personally. For me It's almost like I can enter into the painting and feel as I'm part of it. When I start my paintings I do not have a definitive idea. Only after revising them can I see that feeling for which I was searching.


I graduated from the Academy of Art in Florence, specializing in painting, cinema and photography. I am now a well established Contemporary Multimedia Artist with over twenty years of progressive experience in Fine Art, here in Canada.


At the Rouge Valley Hospital, I painted and donated a 22’ by 9’ mural depicting a calm landscape with flowing waterfalls. 


Curriculum Vitae

Domenico Paglia 

(AKA Nico Monteleone)



To secure a responsible position that will challenge my abilities, allowing me to fully utilize my artistic, organizational, and communication skills.



Academy of Arts Florence, (Italy) - Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours)                                                                                        1988-1992 

Specializing in Painting and Cinema


High School of Art - Foggia, Italy                                                                                                                                         1983-1988



Artistic Silk-Screening Certificate - Vicenza, Italy                                 




Apple OSX - Adobe Photoshop - Photography - Graphic Design Software - Cartooning and Animation - Set and stage setup and design - Artistic Filmmaking Final Cut - MS office



TCDSB Elementary School Teacher - International Language (Italian)   2005 - Present


• Design and implement interesting and creative lesson plans for students JK - Grade 8

• Evaluate progress according to the curriculum

• Develop classroom activities that encourage participation

• Create a safe environment for students to learn in

• Report to parents on an informal and formal basis

• Maintain a positive and professional relationship with the education community

Participate in various Professional Developmental meetings / activities

* YCDSB Elementary School Teacher - I. L. (Italian)          Summer Camp 2016/18


Visual Arts, Animation and Italian                                                                                                                                         2002-2005

• Taught Painting and cartoon making to children ages 6-13                              


January 2010 to present - St. Norbert and St. Robert School, Toronto. Cartoon, animation and 3d modeling’s class.

October, December 2008 - The Toronto Heschel School, Toronto. Cartoon and animation’s class.

September 2005 to June - Columbus Centre, Toronto, Teaching Italian and cartoon making to children.

July 2005 Summer Camp - Columbus Centre, Toronto, Taught Visual Art class to children.

September 2002 to June 2004 at Columbus Centre, Toronto, Taught Visual Art to children.

January 1999-June 1999 at Villa Giardino – Woodbridge, Ontario, Taught Art to senior citizens in a retirement home.

Self-Employed Multimedia Artist                                                                                                                     1998 - Present

• Create paintings on different surfaces

• Produce documentaries and short films

  1. •Design, construct and set up sets for theatre performances

  2. •Design and create murals in various locations and on different surfaces

  3. •Peter and Paul Mural Company - Freelance Muralist Painter 1998-2004

Completed Company murals for Loblaws stores in the Ontario, Quebec, and Eastern Canada.


2008  - Hallway, mural painted by the gr. 8 classes with my supervision - Blessed Trinity E.  Maple, Vaughan

2009  - Murals in the Gym, WILDCAT Logo - Immaculate Conception, E. S. Woodbridge, ON

2010  - Student’s stages, Mural in the main hall - St. Jude, E. S. - Dufferin-Peel CDSB Mississauga

2010  - Hallway mural at Guardian Angels, E. S. Dufferin-Peel CDSB - Brampton,

2011, 2012, 2013  - Library’s mural and pillars, School Crest mural, Chapel mural, Virtue’s Tree St. Hilary E.S. DPCDSB Mississauga

2019  - Various mural painted in the Gym, Welcome word and Crest painted in the hallway, vinyl words installed and painted on the hallway - St. Paschal Baylon - TCDSB 

2020  - Gym mural, Virtues of the month mural and vinyl words installed - St. Agnes - TCDSB 



2019 Leonardo - Il volo, Da Vinci 500

2017 Passaggi - Woodbridge, ON

2016 Passaggi - Covernotes Tea and Coffee House, NewMarket ON

2016 Movimenti - Art Exhibit Group of Artist - Old Town Hall, NewMarket ON

2014 Movimenti - Wintart Fest, Bavia Arts Studio, Toronto, ON

2013 Movimenti - Wychwood Barns Community Gallery, Toronto, ON

2013 Tutto Scorre - Hart House (U of T), Toronto, ON

2011 Incontri - Italian Heritage Month, Toronto City Hall, ON

2011 Together - Robert McLaughlin Gallery Civic Centre, Oshawa, ON

2011 Trio Art Show - Gallery Studio 561, Toronto, ON

2009 Beyond Roots - Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Toronto, ON

2007 Artist Collective - Masterpiece Gallery, Toronto, ON



2005 - Strangers In The City - Italian Film Festival, Montreal, QB

2004 - Strangers In The City - Italian-Canadian Short Film Festival, Toronto, ON

2004 - Strangers In The City - Independent Foggia Film Festival, Foggia, Italy

1999 - Il Canto Delle Pietre - (The Song of the Stones)

1997 - Il Sole Sopra un Cielo Grigio (The Sun Above a Grey Sky)



2019 - Thalassemia - Docu-film, 30th Anniversary Foundation of Canada

2014 - Thalassemia - Docu-film, “In search for a Cure” - 25th Anniversary

2005 - Il Cavaliere Bianco (The White Knight)

A heroic elderly man saves 20 lives during World War II, accompanied by the

newly published La Resistenza Negata by Paolo Sabbetta (based on the same story)



2009 - Poster - Music for Art’s Sake- Glen Gould, Toronto, ON

2008 - Mural in the Diagnostic Imaging Waiting Room at Rouge Valley Centenary,

with plaque commemorative.

1999 - Moose In The City -“Moose-eum”, Toronto, ON

Created by “Beer Moose”, “Wine moose”, “Spirit Moose”, “Canadian Whisky”


Freelance Mural Painting 

2009      Skyview Realty - Toronto - Mural in the lobby

2008      Rouge Valley Hospital - Scarborough - Mural for Charity

2003      Toyota car dealership.   Toronto, ON. Painted interior acrylic mural on drywall.

2002      Lakeshore Mural.   Toronto, ON. Painted external acrylic mural on brick wall.

2001      “MOOSE IN THE CITY” Toronto, ON - Painted four moose for the LCBO.

2001      MAMMINA'S Italian Restaurant - Toronto, ON. Painted internal acrylic mural on drywall.  

2000      Kalifornia Chicken - Mississauga, ON. Painted internal acrylic mural on drywall.  

1999      IT..STORE - Markham, ON . Painted internal acrylic mural on drywall.  

1999      Plantation Bar - Toronto, ON. Painted interior acrylic mural on drywall.  

1999      Painted interior acrylic murals on drywall in private homes


Wood restoration

December 1997- May 1998    SADI S.p.a  

I worked for the SADI S.p.a. Restoration Company in Vicenza, Italy restoring the legendary La Fenice Theatre in Venice, Italy. Specifically, I restored the mouldings and decorative fixtures.


July 1998-September 1998 - St. Giovanni Battista Parish. I restored the frames and baptismal font of the church St. Giovanni Battista in Monteleone di Puglia, Italy


May 1995-September 1997 - Sofia Lino. I worked in a wood restoration and conservation laboratory called Sofia Lino in Vicenza, Italy. I was employed to restore and decorate the interiors of historical buildings and churches in and around Vicenza.   



At the Rouge Valley Hospital, I painted and donated a 22’ by 9’ mural depicting a calm landscape with flowing waterfalls. 


Volunteer Work

Set Designer - Member of the Staff Art production team


Responsible for set designing, construction and painting of musicals

2008-Seussical; 2010-Lullaby of Broadway; 2011-The Drowsy Chaperone;

2012-The Sound of Music; 2013-Hairspray; 2015-Urinetown

Other work experience


The Company

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